Math puzzles and riddles for kids

Teaching math is an exciting process when you deal with teens and college students, but how to get children interested in maths in primary school? Math puzzles and riddles for kids can be very useful. Only a few teachers know how to find the right approach to small kids, so we decided to share our experience and tell you why we dedicate so much attention to games in our courses. The answers to the following questions are given by our maths tutors your kid can work with if you enroll in our classes. 

Why do we use math riddles for kids?

Solving math riddles is one of our methods of teaching math for the last few years. We use this type of activity in classes because of a few reasons: 

  • It’s fun. Since we deal with kids who study in preliminary and secondary school, we often notice that they have trouble perceiving just a theory and rules. The classic method of learning rules and then solving math problems is not effective for small kids. Therefore, adding the element of fun and competition is the best thing you can do to instill the love for math in children;
  • It improves the kids’ logic. If you don’t know how to teach your kid to think logically, enrolling them in our classes will be a good decision: studying math through riddles is not only about teaching to calculate but also about developing broad logical thinking. The same is true for logic puzzles for kids; 
  • It teaches kids to think outside the box. Besides developing logical reasoning, solving riddles and playing counting games makes children think creatively and not be afraid to tackle problems in different ways until they find a solution. If you want to help your kid think independently, consider implementing riddles to your study routine. 

What are the advantages of logic puzzles for kids

Besides the advantages that math riddles offer, logic puzzles help kids to learn analytical thinking. Logic math puzzles are presented in a form of simulations where kids are given a certain situation to solve. Such an approach allows kids to find out how to think a few steps ahead and become strategic thinkers. 

Logic puzzles for kids play a vital role in shaping their worldview and understanding how things in the world work. This is because we provide only the relevant simulations to work on, so kids can learn to apply math in practical situations they can deal with later in their lives. 

Why are counting games for kids more effective than a dull theory? 

The key reason why number games for kids are better than learning boring rules and principles is that the games are common for kids of preliminary and secondary school age. Thus, children don’t feel like they are forced to study: they just do the thing they love the most – spend time interacting with each other – but also learn the numbers and how to calculate them. 

Over time, kids will be able to play fewer number games puzzles and go on to doing more routine tasks with numbers. This process is organized smoothly in our classes so that no kid is left without attention. We work closely with every student in our classes to ensure the quality perception of knowledge and steady development of all skills that we teach. 

What is the purpose of number puzzle usage in math classes? 

Math games for Kids, including number puzzles, aim to develop the students’ IQ and get them prepared for ongoing comprehension of complicated math topics. In the long run, we can say that the number puzzles are the prerequisite to successful completion of standardized tests in high school, that is why it is crucial to solve them from a young age. The students who don’t solve number puzzles often have difficulties with the math part of SAT or ACT tests, so if you want your kid to succeed in those exams, consider enrolling your kid in math courses where the number and logic puzzles are offered. 

What do our students say about math puzzles

The majority of our students confirmed the effectiveness of math puzzles in their study process. Looking back at the time they did not study with us, they admitted that their grades were lower and the knowledge they had was less systematic. 

97% of parents whose kids attend our math classes expressed their satisfaction with the results their kids showed after taking our classes. They emphasized the quality of support their kids received during lessons, feedback provided to them after each module, and the qualification of our maths tutors

Why should you try out math puzzles online? 

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, students stay out of their classrooms for a long time. The lack of quality indoor education causes a decrease in kids’ knowledge and their desire to keep studying. In such a situation, enrolling in classes where math puzzles are practiced can be a good solution to bring back the inspiration for your child to study math and improve their thinking skills. If you don’t know how to get your kid interested in math during the lockdown, feel free to contact us and we will choose the best online class for them.

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